WATCH: Twitter frenzy over Jaguars Gardner Minshew's dad

NFL rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew is winning fans over as much for his mustache and his persona, which enhances the effect of the facial hair, as for his play on the gridiron in replacing Nick Foles since the former Super Bowl MVP went down with a collar bone injury in Week 1.

But before the Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2) beat the Tennessee Titans (1-2) Thursday night, NFL fans were missing out in not knowing about Minshew’s father. To put it simply, Gardner’s dad — Flint!, not Gardner I — is exactly who he should be based on his 23-year-old son’s fun, unique and vintage-macho attitude and appearance.

There are many comparisons that fans on Twitter came up with, but the side-by-side with Jon Gruden just about cover it. But, Flint is overwhelmingly jacked and far bigger than the NFL coach.